Mon, 18 Jun 2018

Ride To Work Week

RIDE TO WORK WEEK 18th - 25th June 2018

It's official - riders #commutehappy!

Travelling to work on a motorcycle, scooter or moped is one of the least likely modes of transport to affect your wellbeing, according to a government travel survey.

In 2014, the Office for National Statistics released a one-off report examining the impact of commuting patterns on people’s levels of anxiety, happiness and satisfaction.

For journeys up to 30 minutes there was no effect on levels of happiness or anxiety for those who rode a motorcycle, moped or scooter to work. In contrast, those who walk, cycle, drive a car or take the bus – all experience an adverse increase in some or all of the factors measured after just 15 minutes.

Congestion would reduce by 40% if just 10% of drivers swapped to a motorcycle or scooter

A European study, which modelled one of the most congested routes in Belgium, found that if just 10% of motorists swapped to a motorcycle, scooter or moped, then congestion would reduce by 40% for all road users. If 25% of drivers swapped, congestion would be eliminated altogether.

The study was carried out by Transport and Mobility Leuven and researchers were also able to extrapolated their findings to the entire motorway network in Belgium, to find total time savings for all vehicles add up to 15 000 hours, which is equivalent to a benefit of € 350,000 per day.

Ride to Work

Ride to Work